Artificially intelligent review of the future of the workplace

While no one has a clear idea about how the future might look like, but whatever it is going to be, AI will be a major change-bringer. It is widely mythicized that AI-powered robots will take over the human jobs rendering a significant fraction of the employed population unemployed. While on the other hand, the theorized idea behind an Artificially Intelligent workplace is more about enabling humans to work at their maximum potentials.

Reimagining workplace in the modern era of AI:

AI’s power to change the workplace is inescapable. There’s no denying that AI will displace some of the jobs, but such disruption was predicted long before AI took over the technological world. Modernization of the workplace is not a new phenomenon, but the disruption brought by AI is nothing like ever before. What makes AI different from other technologies? The reasons are as many as you can count, but the ability of AI to mimic human behavior is revolutionizing the workplace technology.

For that very reason, some people fear AI, while most of us are excited about what AI has in the bag for the future. Here are some of the impactful ways AI is shifting the dynamics of the workplace:

1. Cost reducing facilitator:

Almost 80% of the tech leaders and businesses consider AI as the productivity booster. Integrating AI in everyday tasks will eliminate task repetition, which ultimately results in the effective use of time and efforts of employees. It not only helps in making money for the business but helps the employee in unlocking their true potentials.

2. Efficiency improver:

When it comes to the future of the workplace, the AI-activated voice work assistants can do wonder for you. AI was all that the employees needed to complete the tiresome jobs of scheduling, task management, meeting set-ups, and updates. Bestowing the workplace with collaboration tools and applications, with AI in-operation, employees can focus on tasks and ventures that matter the most.

3. Customer service revolutionist:

Customer service is not just sales enabler; it is what differentiates a business from its competitors. The company which leverages AI-powered tools to the maximum will lead the digital business world–it’s more of a fact than an ill-based claim. Attracting the modern customer is more about conveying the experience and less about the sheer promotion of products and services.

Companies like Brize which are focused on enhancing branding and marketing for emerging businesses will put AI into great use in the future. Their data-driven marketing will partially rely on the offerings of artificial intelligence.

And that’s is just one perspective of how AI will change the workplace forever– AI is the savior that the corporate world needed. With endless automation ahead and currently, in effect, AI will create more employment opportunities than it will displace. From highly technologized tools to improved approachesArticle Submission, AI will redefine the business models and ideas.